mk2 Cinema

A fine palette

Dark and contrasted, the branding I had to work with was very interesting. I mean come on, what can go wrong with red & black!? It's just badass.






A fresh start

I've started as a new project on Sketch, and decided to add some more power to the mockups, refining every component with resizing constraints, and dynamic overrides using symbols.

For those of you who aren't designers, this means that all the parts of the app have been redefined for a better fit on all devices, and a enhanced consistency accross all screens.

Concepts, concepts, concepts

While our role as contractor is mainly development maintenance, I've had the opportunity to present many concepts, making mk2 a very lively project. Iteration and user testing was key. Some of the screens you can see on this page are still concepts.

Going to events

mk2 is more than a cinema: it's a cultural institution. They propose various kinds of events, which thematics are: art, premiere, cinema, knowledge, digital creation, youth, and music.

Purchasing a ticket