Health Kit


I've quickly thrown all the features on a piece of paper, and started sketching a few concepts.

Modelling & rigging

Then, I modelled the product according to the sketches in Cinema 4D and rigged it with Xpresso, anticipating the animation needs. I actually had a lot of fun on that part.

Rigging the model allowed me to perform these actions using simple sliders: rotation and click of the cross, LED color change, open the top, deploy the solar wings, detach and slide the beacons.


We wanted to stay in the health-related scheme, so I figured that white with a red cross would be best, and would be simple enough to understand it's actually a health kit. The solar panels (or wings) would have a glossy dark-blue carbon fiber-like material.


Because it was rigged using Xpresso, all I had to do was to keyframe the sliders of the object.

Camera-wise, I set up a stage object to be able to switch cams in a breeze. It allowed me to gain time by having a full scene to render at once. Turned out to be a very good option since I was on the deadline, but I couldn't cheat with longer sequences while editing.