Frame Lapse

Animate all the things!

XnView, a French software company specialized in imagery, decided to make a powerful video app for iPhone. It consists in shooting and/or importing videos, editing and sharing them. This project was one of the first that I've made on Sketch, and prototyped using Flinto, testing a much more streamlined design process.

Capture & Edit

Using Frame Lapse, you can capture what's around you and make gorgeous animations. You also have the choice to import your own photos or videos and make it pop!

Adjusting many parameters in then possible, such as the brightness, contrast, gamma, speed, loop direction, add text, change the font, its color, add sound, apply a filter, and, a paramount feature… comic stickers!


Frame Lapse is an app that uses lots of icons. The actions are mostly engaged by these little pictograms rather than by written labels. It makes it a truly international app usable and understandable by everyone.

Iterating & prototyping

Sketch & Flinto are the new gems at the heart of my new design workflow. While Sketch allows me to easily iterate on the style of the app, proposing different directions to the client, Flinto helps me bringing my mockups to life, for an interactive and animated result. It really feels like it's a real app even before anybody writes a line of code.

The icon

This beautiful icon has been made by Loïc Gosset, with whom I've already worked on another cool app project, Kwote.