My mission starts by creating a visual identity for the Dauwer brand. The name comes from the ancient wild! A dauwer is to a zebra what a mammoth is to an elephant.

Why the zebra? Because the zebra, like a QR code, on which the concept is based, is black and white and uses a certain kind of pattern.

Because there is an idea of dimension and depth, I wanted to give it a tridimensional look, using a simple isometric angle.

The app

Because of the branding, I already wanted the style to be exclusively black and white. But first, we had to discuss ergonomics. Using Material Design guidelines, I defined the general user experience of the app.

The system pushes you to use one main color that drives the action and gives hints to the user about relevant tappable areas. Here, you can definitely identify the action being related to the hot pink color.

Sounds like a problem if you want to make your app fairly monochromatic! But using shape and hierarchy to prioritize the content seemed to work rather fine.


As an extra, I designed the landing page for the app on the web.