How it works

It all starts with a bottle of wine. Capture the sticker and the app will most likely recognize what wine you're about to taste. The experience has started. From this point, the user has to determine whether it's a red, white or rosé wine, still or sparkling.

After that, it's all about learning how to taste. The length of the tasting process is adapted to your level and knowledge. This process is divided into three main steps: Eye, Nose and Mouth. The interface suggests abstract illustrations — made by Loïc Gosset, along with words to determine each specific caracteristic of the wine.

As an example, you can evaluate the colorant intensity using a 4-step slider, going from “pale” to “dense”. It is a subjective process, there is no truth, only learning. That's the credo behind MilleZimU.

More controls!

Three-axis or two-axis matrices have been developed for more complex specifications. About aromas, you get to spin the wheel and make your way to your perfect match!